Who Won Last Night’s Mayoral Debate?

THE BUZZ was wondering how many Natomasites caught last night’s mayoral debate between Heather Fargo and Kevin Johnson.

The debate took place at Sacramento State University and was televised on KCRA. Click here to view the station’s coverage and clips from the debate.

Click on “comments” below and tell us who you think won and why.


  1. Hands down, Johnson won last night. Fargo told me nothing new; she did not tell me why I should vote her in to a 3rd term. Johnson may not be a career politician but he has a vision and passion. My vote goes to Johnson.

  2. Mine to Fargo. KJ has lost all credibility due to his financial woes and personal problems, as well as all of the other general shennanigans at St. Hope. He could not say last night where he would cut in the budget to get all of the services he promising to add. Like St. Hope, not a very realistic plan. No way KJ.

  3. No question about it to me… Johnson looked like a leader

  4. I would prefer to vote for a third candidate. I don’t see a record of accomplishment in Fargo’s terms as mayor, and I don’t see it in KJ’s work in Oak Park and with St. Hope. I have concerns about KJ’s character (“Whiskey” anyone?) and qualifications to run a city, but I am so sick of the cat-coddling, tree-hugging, globe-trotting Fargo that I just might for him. NOTE: Cats are great, I love hugging trees, and I’m always ready for a new passport stamp, but I want my mayor to focus on what matters to me: public safety and sticking with a development plan that puts residents’ quality of life first.

    I just might write in the name of our black-hatted Padilla for spite.

  5. Neither one of them has what it takes. Fargo has already proved that she’s incompetent & KJ hasn’t proved that he is. The thing is that I DON’T want Fargo to serve a 3rd term. She doesn’t deserve it. But I haven’t decided yet whether to vote for KJ, leave it blank or vote for a 3rd party.

  6. leaving it blank or voting for a “third party” could put Fargo back in office… and btw in Mayoral races..their is no real “third party”

  7. Lot of people up in the air. And who can blame them? Fargo has not earned a third term. Johnson is unproven— and idealistic. I say write in Joe Sacramento. That guy and his independent politics and tough love are exactly what this city needs in my opinion. That would cause a riot huh? Let’s do it.


  8. any current mayor will be going through the same problems fargo is and will continue to go through for some time. i would rather back someone with experience in this city.

    kj did nothing but blow smoke during the debate, he couldn’t give details on anything, he lives in ideologies. its always easy being an outside critic…he can’t run st. hope, he can’t run a city.

    joe sacramento is a complete idiot.

  9. Who is Joe Sacramento?

  10. Everyone complains about not enough cops in Natomas, but you want to re-elect Fargo? My god, she has slashed the police budget and plans to do more cuts. At least KJ wants to increase the police budget. I am not saying he is the best canidate, but he has to be better than Fargo at this point.

  11. I picked up the pen this weekend, put it to good use, and then mailed in my completed absentee ballot. In the end I held my nose and voted for Fargo because I feel that KJ’s strings of “accomplishments” in Oak Park and with St. Hope aren’t, and I just couldn’t get over his character issues. I made what I felt to be the least poor choice. Sacramento deserved/deserves better candidates.

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