C’mon, People… Slow Down Already!

Paladin security officer parked at Banfield and Minden in an effort to get drivers to obey four-way stop by Heron School.

The good news is traffic calming measures proposed for the neighborhood around Heron School were voted in by area residents and will go to the Sac city council officials for final approval later this month.

The bad news is two youngsters have been injured by vehicles in as many weeks, both near Natomas-area schools.

It’s only been a year since one boy was seriously injured and another killed when they were hit by cars, in two separate accidents, in Natomas Park and near Interstate 5. And THE BUZZ can’t help but wonder what it’s going to take to get drivers to slow their tail pipes down…

We have to admit, in this day and age when we’re all in a hurry and headed several different directions, it’s not always easy to drive the speed limit. THE BUZZ has to keep an eye on the speedometer when on neighborhood streets and we make a concerted effort to come to complete stops at stop signs, whether or not we see other cars approaching the intersection.

The other night we were driving home and spotted a couple pedestrians waiting to cross North Park Drive at Banfield, the same intersection where a boy was hit crossing the street at night a year ago. The same intersection that now sports a striped crosswalk and pedestrian crossing signs as a result of that accident.

THE BUZZ stopped to let the two peds cross the street — as is the law in California, by the way — and we nearly got rear ended in the process! Not only was the other car driving well above the 35 mph speed limit, but the driver was oblivious to the crosswalk and the people in it.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. But what if the driver had tried to pass us on the left — as has happened in the past — in their hurry to get to wherever it was they were going?

We just don’t get it.


  1. Ok I’m new to the area.. can someone explain to me how Paladin Security is enforcing traffic laws?


  2. You know what street I live on and as soon as it gets dark, it’s 60 mph, baby, up and down the street.

    In my old neighborhood someone somehow got the City to come out with one of those traffic warning signs “Your speed_______” and then came the speed lumps/bumps/humps/tables. How do we get those things done? Do you know?

  3. I don’t get it either, Buzz! I am mortified by how some Natomas residents drive. We have been in multiple near-miss situations in and around Natomas Park. And Del Paso Rd between the Charter School and Raley’s? My God it is like the Daytona 500 (especially on Fri Sat and Sun nights and early mornings). I have complained repeatedly to the city and Sac PD and they do NOTHING about the problem. I am SO fed up with these lawless drivers.

    What can we do about it? Shall we make signs? I will do the art work. We can plant them ALL OVER Natomas Park and out on Del Paso Rd. “FELLOW RESIDENTS: PLEASE STOP SPEEDING!!”

    If our cops and city won’t help us, we are going to have to take matters into our own hands… again..

  4. There are many ways, some that can be funded with Government Grants including radarsigns that record and flash speeds at ofending drivers. http://www.radarsign.com

    Humps are plain dangerous and a pain if they are on your street. They waste gas and break your cars.

  5. Has anyone noticed that drivers rarely even pause at the stop sign on North Bend (in front of Natomas Park Elementary School) and Gateway Park? The worst part of this is every morning there are students waiting for a bus there WATCHING these law breakers and learning how to or not to drive!

  6. I keep saying it. We need more police on the street. I have seen cars pass on the right, driving up on the sidewalk to do so.

    Fines also need to increase. Perhaps $500 per violation would encourge people to STOP at stop signs and to stay within the speed limit. BAS

  7. I have noticed alot drivers running the stop sign at North Park Drive and Broadwater. They also drive very very fast. This is very dangerous since there are kids walking and riding bikes to both Heron and H. Allen Hight. Then the fact that there is no sidewalk on the north side between Broadwater and Kankakee makes it even more dangerous. Something needs to be done before someone gets killed.

  8. I totally agree about the “Security Guards” enforcing traffic. What can they really do, they do not have police officer powers, they can not give you a ticket. I appreciate them being seen to help deter, but I have also seen them speeding up and down the streets like the rest of the crazy drivers in this neighborhood. They lack the training and are not cops.. they also need to slow down.

    John B

  9. They may be speeding down the streets to get to a call. They have stopped kids in the park who were lighting small fires in the bark (the park with the crazy knee high weed ares), checked on a home that was vacant and someone had just left after starting a fire. They caught a child rapist in the car with a 13 year old, and are often first on scene to incidents and detain criminals until the police arrive.

    Seeing a “police” type vehicle seems to make people slow down and be better citizens. Paladins are able to ask people to abide by our laws and in some cases (if residents of Natomas Park) refer the persons to our HOA for CC&R and bylaw infractions.


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