In The News: Firefighters Hurt In Natomas Blaze is reporting four fire fighters were injured during a two-alarm blaze this morning at a two-story house on Stilt Court near San Juan Road and Interstate 5.

One of the fire fighters has been taken the hospital for serious injuries; three others have been taken to be treated for moderate to minor burns.

The fire has been contained.


  1. This morning their was a home fire in North Natomas on the West side of I-5.

    It is the nightmare scenario we have all been dreading and praying would never manifest.

    Engine 15 from Truxel in South Natomas near West El Camino was first on the scene in an amazing 6 minutes and 7 seconds (lightning speed, beating all predictions by the shear will of the firefighters at that station determined to get there).

    Following them with an equally amazing response time, just 17 seconds later was Engine 18 (on New Market near the Coke Cup & old Arco Arena).

    These response times are absolutly incredible but were not good enough because minutes create major problems in a fire scnenario – the fire intesified and became a smoldering trap.

    Once the firefighters got on scene and entered the home they were trapped by the over-developed flames.

    Engine 18 & 15 tried to fight back to free the 4 firefighters stuck upstairs.

    By the time Engine 30 (Regency Park) arrived they had a 10 minute response time – which is fast for the distance they had to travel, but not good enough. Engine 2 from downtown also responded but more than 30 minutes after the call.

    They needed more help or a faster initial response – as a result the 4 firefighters trapped were all injured. Two have second degree burns but will be fine.One has 1st and 2nd degree burns on his face, ears and neck but will probably be okay in time.

    The Capt. of Engine 15 is in critical condition with severe burns and will need surgery, skin replacement and a lot of time and prayer.

    This is the sceanrio Natomas has been screaming about for the past year or more.

    We are suppossed to have a fire station on the West side of I-5 at El Centro and Arena.

    Had that station been in place the response time would have been between 2 and 3 minutes and stations 15 and 18 would have been back-up support to a much less intense and more managable fire.

    Instead we have a tragedy.

    The question to ask is how many more tragedies before we get the fire station we need on the West side of I-5. Whose home will be next or will it be a school? Which brave firefighter will have to try to beat the odds because we don’t have enough help? And what price will that firefighter and his family pay?

    The Capt. now in critical condition is married with two young children.

    Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and lets do all that we can to get that firestation before this happens again.

    Angelique Ashby, JD
    Creekside Neighborhood Association
    Greater Natomas Crime & Safety Team

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