Updated: Closed For Business — REALLY!

For those NATOMAS BUZZ readers who doubt the veracity of this post about Pei Wei closing up shop, check out our friend Matthew’s article for Fox 40 News on the topic.

Yes, it’s TRUE that Pei Wei is closed. Also true that THE BUZZ was the first (and only besides FOX 40) to report this news thanks to one of our loyal readers.

Don’t know when it happened, but a reader writes in that it has… Pei Wei Asian Diner is no longer open.

A peek at the chain’s website shows no restaurants within 100 miles of the Natomas zip code.


  1. My husband and I just went to eat there last Thursday. I’m so sad if this is true!

  2. Another one bites the dust??? Wow. You don’t think this had anything to do with the HORRIBLE configuration of that strip mall do ya? Putting them out there on that island next to the Coke plant essentially? Naw. ;)

  3. Loved Pei Wei, but it had a terrible location (tucked in a far-removed little building in the extreme NW corner of the Target-anchored shopping center) and no promotion.

  4. My ‘hands down all time favorite’ pizza joint is also out of the neighborhood now – Extreme Pizza. Their pizza was the best and just might be worth the drive to Arden or Elk Grove.

  5. Not too sad to see them go. The food was good but a little pricey. I was extremely sad to see Golden Palace go. We’ll have to find another solid chinese restaurant. Has anyone noticed the construction has stopped where the TGIF sign is right across the street from Chili’s? Not sure what is going on there.

  6. In the Safeway Shopping Center there is a very good Chinese restaurant. After it opened up I stopped going to Golden Dragon. Higher quality food and better value.

  7. I am so sad about Pei Wei. We loved that place! The previous poster is right about Changs in the Safeway center. Its terrific!

  8. We go to Chang’s in the Safeway center every week. They know our order and have it ready. Great staff, friendly and tons of food for a great price!

  9. Never been so I won’t be missing much. Yes, another bites the dust, location??

  10. it was there one day, i took a day off, i come back then its gone!…wutha?! crazy, i knew people that worked there and they didnt even know either. really sux, no heads-up to look for another job.

  11. My wife and I eat there every couple of weeks. It’s our favorite place in Natomas for dinner. I hope this blog isn’t correct.

  12. The East side of Truxel seems to be jinxed. A lot of people didn’t know that Pei Wei was a “mini” P.F. Changs and the food just as good and a lot less expensive. Although I frequented this location, it was never busy.

  13. My wife and I would go there at least once a week sometimes two or three. Coconut curry, Dan-Dan noodles, Pad-Thai, brown rice cooked to perfection. I’m very sad to see this place go! I don’t know if it was the location…I think the Sac-Town folks just didn’t know how lucky we were to have a PF Chang aka Pei Wei in our Natomas hood. FWIW on business trips to Irvine I frequent the Pei Wei there, its always packed during lunch.

  14. We really love CF Cheng’s in the Mel’s Diner shopping area. The owner Micheal is very customer friendly, the food is great. Space however, is very, very limited.

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