In The News: Natomas Voices Position On Prop. 8

Natomas has made the news again, but this time it’s about Proposition 8.

Check out this CBS 13 story about the “Battle of the Signs” in our neighborhood.

Thank goodness for free speech.


  1. I am asking my fellow Natomas neighbors to vote NO on Prop 8. We are a same sex couple who have been together for 9 years, legal domestic partners for 2 years, and were just married in September. We are your neighbors and productive members of the community. Don’t take away our right to stay married.

  2. One thing I have noticed as I am walking around neighborhoods, is that there are more Yes on Prop 8 than the much prettier dark blue No on Prop. 8 signs. But also those “Yes” homes had Johnson for Mayor signs. Sometimes a McCain sign too. Makes you wonder.
    I’ll keep my “No” sign with my Fargo sign, thanks very much. Buzz is right, thank goodness for free speech!

  3. Congratulations to you and your partner and much success with your marriage!

  4. I really see the gay marriage thing as our modern version of the acceptance or rejection of Plessy v. Ferguson. Is “seperate but equal” really equal? I also don’t see how “marriage” is hurt by allowing gays to marry… don’t worry, you can still deny them the opportunity to join and marry in your church if that makes you feel better.

  5. I second that emotion. Congrats!

    Let’s hope for victory against the Yes on 8ers.

  6. Agreed, letting two people get married, gay or not, shouldn’t threaten anyone. Let people who love each other get married!!

  7. The above comments are why I love Natomas.

  8. Hate is bad, Love is good.
    People who hate like McCain and Kevin Johnson.
    People who love like Obama and Heather Fargo.

    It is great when people can reduce complex issues into simple thoughts that demonize others. It is just plain easier than respecting the other side, whatever the position, and accepting that a reasonable person could think the other way.

    It is very difficult to respect a position on an important issue that is only supported by diminishing the other side.

    Ask some questions and try to answer them yourself. Maybe the process will not change what you think. Maybe it will. Maybe it will help you to understand that thinking differently is just that, thinking differently; not full of hate, not a religious zealot and not political party idealog.

    Why does marriage exist in society?
    Why does organized religion include marriage?
    Why did the State get into the marriage business?

    True debate means asking questions, listening to others and being open to change. Intolerance is knowing your position is right so you don’t ask questions, don’t listen to others and never consider changing your position.

    If I had a choice of living with a law I don’t agree with or supporting this type of intolerance, I’d rather have the law. With open debate the bad law will eventually be changed, intolerance and politically correct thought control cannot be as easily fixed!

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