UPDATED!!! Prowler Alert

According to police Capt. Hahn, there have been at least four garage burglaries or suspicious circumstances between 9/26/08 and 10/06/08 on the following streets: Innovator, Natomas Boulevard, Edgemar Courr, and Lyman Circle. Two occurred around 1 a.m., one around noon, and one between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Police officers Tavelli and Bell were working this issue the other night and ran into a Paladin Security officer who also advised about suspicious circumstances on Sea Glen Way, Adamstowne Way, Minden Way, and Alterra Way. These were all garage activation alarms that Paladin was called to and were checked and found to be OK.

With this in mind, Capt. Hahn advises area residents to continue calling Paladin if you live in their service area, but also call Sac PD.

“Especially in light of this growing issue,” says Hahn. “We didn’t know about any of these additional locations and it will help us to find out who is doing this.”

Always be sure to close your garage door when leaving and if you will be gone for a day or more lock your garage so even a garage door opener cannot open it.


  1. It’s important to close your garage door all the way. Sounds silly, but a lot of folks leave it open 8 inches or so to let a pet in and out; they’re asking for a malefactor to shimmy underneath.

  2. It is also a good idea to always throw the deadbolt on the door from your house to the garage, even when you’re home. This will prevent someone who got into the garage from getting into your home.

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