Seen In The Neighborhood: Bunnies

At Redbud Park a bunch of bunnies come and hang out on the grass at night. Last Thursday around 11 p.m. 30 bunnies were counted. Got a photo of these furry creatures? We’ll post it!


  1. How often? every night? If so i will head out with my HD camcorder tomorrow night and get footage and post it online.

  2. I’d like to see, but I hope people don’t scare them away. Or try to do something evil.

  3. We hear it’s every night…

  4. You do have to sneak up on them! We have spotted them several nights. We turn the car around to shine the light for a better view (I know, not so nice, but the kids love it) and the do start to scamper off towards the creek. Still, it is an amazing site! Trixie

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