Sac PD To Suffer From Budget Cuts

Here’s a look at how the city’s budget cuts will impact the Sacramento Police Department:

  • No Academy classes for about two years for the city.
  • Trying to avoid layoffs, they are not filling vacancies as people retire.
  • Cutting off counter services at sub-stations.
  • Cutting special programs.
  • No Overtime, that means when an officer has to go off shift he has to go off shift. They will leave in the middle of a report. They will pass off arrests to oncoming shift.
  • Reports will not be submitted in the most timely fashion. Getting copies of reports will take longer.
  • No more Auxiliary officers in records. There have been part-time personnel who have been working in records to expedite reporting and cross checking incidents. They are gone.


  1. But HEY! We are getting $300,000 cat cages!

    Now that’s a crime when feral cats are safer than the taxpayers.

  2. OMG!!! Have these cuts already been passed or are they pending? This is just horrible, disgraceful news. How can Sacramento become a “world-class city” without a viable police force???

  3. I”m really saddened to read this. It felt like things were finally going in the right direction. Finally graduating some recruits, surveying the public to see what their expectations of the police department are, captains that are responsive and communicative. I’m very disappointed that after all the public outcry about our lack of services that this is happening. I guess it is not too surprising… I’d like the City to implement a policy that recruits are not allowed to use our tax dollars to pay for their academy instruction and then move onto other cities or agencies. They should be required to sign on for five years, or pay back the city coffers…Trixie

  4. See today’s Bee for another cost saving experiment. Fewer cars on the street.

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  6. What about the $800,000 to count the trees in the city? Did you know the city is now charging our Natomas baseball league $2 an hour to use the baseball fields. 60 plus teams need to practice 1-2 and play 2 games a week. This is going to cost our league nearly $10K next year. The City Council gets nearly $500 a month for a vehicle stippen per person, Fargo has her own personal police officer driving her around, etc.

    I agree Fargo has to go, this is her mess. I think Kerridge inherited this problem from Fargo and Bob Thomas (former City Mgr). I do not think this is his fault.

  7. I wonder if Capt. Hahn would agree. And my guess, after attending several neighborhood community meetings and listening to our leaders is no. He does not blame our mayor who has had some years better than others. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. No way KJ.

  8. What disturbing times we live in. The property crimes will no doubt go up, and more violent crime will rise. Proper patrols and police protection should be mandatory, but it has become political. We have a lame mayor, who is being challanged by probably an even more pathetic progressive liberal. The last few years have become worse here in N. Sac, now I know why many are leaving, I was at the club tonite, some puke was trying to break into cars, I think he got caught?? I can’t wait for the big projects to open on Blackrock, imagine 2000 low income people clustered together on a hot summer nite. Time to go to the local gun shop.

  9. He better not blame the Mayor, that is his boss. He as a Captain is a politician just like the Mayor is… He would not bite the hand that feeds him.

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