HOSTS Corp Files For Bankruptcy

Natomas Program Unaffected

A message from Dr. Steve M. Farrar, Superintendent, Natomas Unified School District:

After 35 years of transforming the lives of millions, one student at a time, one mentor at a time, the HOSTS Learning Corporation has fallen victim to our nation’s current harsh economic times and is closing its doors as of August 27.

But while the HOSTS Corporation is closing its doors, Natomas Unified is keeping its HOSTS doors open to our students and our mentors. We will continue to use the HOSTS Link individualized learning plans that our HOSTS mentors and Coordinators use everyday. It will be business as usual serving our students with our HOSTS mentors and our HOSTS materials and plans.

Our students and mentors should not notice any difference caused by the corporate HOSTS closure. We will continue to monitor our program, students needs, and support for our mentors. We will fill any training needs for newcomers by our own highly qualified staff. While we are saddened to see such a great force for good fall, we are grateful that we can continue to serve our students and community.

As a positive step forward, I hope everyone will take this occasion to assess the opportunities for change and growth this presents. We have a terrific opportunity to customize our mentoring program to meet the specific needs of each student, and we will need continued community involvement. We will continue the most critical part of HOSTS, what we have used the most with HOSTS, our mentoring program and materials…and that means our students still need you…our mentors. They need to know our community will continue to care about them and their future.

Thanks for all you do everyday for our students…you are everyday heroes…you are heroes everyday


  1. So the program went out of business but the district is still supporting it? What? Hah?

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