Be On The Lookout

Courtesy Paladin Security:

Saturday, August 30, 2008 @ 8:40 AM: A resident of Menard called to report an attempted home burglary. The resident returned home after being gone for only about eight minutes because she forgot to close the garage door. Upon returning, a white male adult (tall, bald, thin, possibly in his late teens) was seen exiting her back yard. She questioned the suspect. The suspect claimed that his brother’s bicycle had been stolen and he was looking for it. The resident told the suspect that he had no right to be in her backyard. The suspect continued to walk away. He got into a white vehicle (CAL LIC # 4BVB833) and drove away. The vehicle was a long sedan, possibly a Cadillac. A neighbor told the resident that the car may have been about ten years old. There were two other people waiting within the vehicle. There was a black male adult sitting in the front passenger seat. He appeared to be tall and in his twenties. There was a white male adult in a rear passenger seat. He appeared to be in his twenties as well. The resident thought she had seen the vehicle in the area when she left the first time. After the incident occurred, she suspected the subjects were parked and waiting for opportunities to burglarize the community.

The plate number has been entered into the Natomas Park Auto Vu license plate recognition system. If this vehicle is seen in Natomas Park, please contact Paladin. If suspicious activities are seen in relation to this vehicle, please call the police as well.

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