The Sacramento Bee is reporting today that the Natomas Unified School District overpaid when purchasing land for future school sites.

In response to a school district investigation, Natomas school officials say they believe they paid too much for the land and have hired a malpractice attorney to discuss remedies with the deal’s participants.

Go figure.


  1. NSW needs to know this latest bit of information: the HOSTS company has recently gone bankrupt. Millions that NSF gave to NUSD (at the urging of the superintedent) for that program are now down the drain. Talk about a huge waste of money spent here. Let’s hope our schools, the students and teachers, don’t have to go without because of this, because if there is any hint of that now, we need to empty out the salaries of all the administrators at the district office and send all monies directly to school sites for schools to manage themselves. That’s the only way we can be sure NUSD schools don’t continue getting defrauded year after year. When will it end.

  2. I was not aware of the HOSTS program bankruptcy, they are still advertising for mentors. Seems like the program was not very old…how did they lose/spend the money so quickly? Trixie

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