Fort Natomas Rebuild Plan Moves Forward

The Parks and Recreation Commission last week voted to accept the City’s recommended changes to the South Natomas Community Park Master Plan which includes relocating Fort Natomas to the corner of Truxel Road and Bannon Creek.

The proposal will be heard at the Sacramento City Council evening session on August 19.

Reasons why supporters want Fort Natomas to be relocated to the Community Park include:

  • increased visibility,
  • security,
  • ease and frequency of the police patrolling the playground, and
  • more central location for the community.

The area now designated for the Fort Natomas rebuild effort is quite large as currently staked out. The plan is to use the same basic 2006 design for Fort Natomas with some minor changes.

Additions include a fence around the entire playground, with one entrance, for increased safety due to nearby streets.

Natomas residents living near Jefferson Park have not been forgotten. The City plans to revisit the park’s Master Plan and hold meetings with the community to get input as to what changes and improvements the community would like to see there. These meetings will likely occur in November with the construction to occur in the spring of 2009.

City council approval is needed August 19 for the rebuild plan to move forward as proposed. Fort Natomas rebuild supporters have set Nov. 4-9 for construction, are recruiting volunteers and donations of tools.

For more information, go to!

Supporters of Rebuild Fort Natomas are strongly encouraged to attend the 6 p.m. City Council meeting at City Hall, 915 I Street, 1st floor Council Chambers.

We need to fill the Council Chambers and show the Council that our community wants to rebuilt Fort Natomas November 4-9. Playground t-shirts will be available for purchase outside of City Hall in order to further show your support.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Dodie Newman at 359-3634 or [email protected]


  1. I still think the focus should be on facilities for Jefferson Park first.

  2. Yes. Why don’t they start the process on Jefferson Park immediately? Let’s say this August, and get it done as soon as the process allows, with neighborhood members getting input. Oh, I see here that is exactly the plan that is being proposed! Well isn’t that good news!

  3. Wow amazing how much effort and resources have gone into this. Can you imagine if the same were invested into a teen program? Wow.

  4. If you don’t like what is going on with rebuilding Fort Natomas, then you should probably voice your opinion at the next city council meeting or get in touch with Ray Trethaway’s office.
    The reason this is getting done, is b/c there are a bunch of people who are working there butts off to get another wonderful playground built. If you want to see money spent on something else, such as a teen program, then make your voice heard.

  5. You better believe that the same effort and resources are available to teen programs. Don’t overlook the athletic programs that are provided by parks and rec, churches, high schools, and all sorts of other nonprofits. That’s not even counting various other programs offered by these organizations. There are dozens of organizations in Natomas that are looking to give teens something to do. Just come to Celebrate Natomas and find out. Don’t discount the incredible effort put out by community volunteers for the youth in our area …

  6. There IS a plan for Jefferson Park! People LISTEN to what is being told to you for once! The reason why all the focus is on Fort Natomas right now is because the neighbors surrounding Jefferson park didn’t want to see Fort Natomas rebuilt at that location again. Fort Natomas is such a special park that some people decided it should be rebuilt somewhere so the rebuild efforts began again. Jefferson Park is NOT being overlooked! There will be community meetings about Jefferson Park just like there have been about Fort Natomas. Fort Natomas is just being built on a fast track right now. Look at the process to completion worksheet. Even the master plan for Jefferson Park is a fast track compared to the city’s typical process! Maybe these people who want to see Jefferson Park get rebuilt so fast should STEP UP like the people who are working on Fort Natomas have! If you want something DONE then you have to DO SOMETHING about it!! Don’t just complain all the time.

  7. I just see this current (very enthusiastic) plan is to build a park where there already is a park. First re-build the park where no park is – where one was burned down, yes – but where something is needed because there is nothing. Ft. Natomas efforts are appreciated as always. But we Jefferson Park fans need a park. Guess we’ll wait our turn since the order of priority has already been set.

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