KJ Makes The Rounds In Natomas

First, mayoral candidate Kevin Johnson sat down with Creekside residents to talk turkey, then he attended the recent community forum at Inderkum H.S. and now he’s scheduled to stop by the North Natomas Alliance meeting 7:30 p.m. Thursday at The Club, 2101 Club Center Drive.

KJ tells NNA leadership he’ll be stopping by between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. to chat and take questions and comments from North Natomas residents. Other topics on the NNA agenda include crime, empty lots and plans for new development.

“(Kevin Johnson) wants to hear what is on our minds, and what are our biggest concerns as we move forward,” says Michael Brickner of NNA. “My hope is that you can give this time with Kevin a lot of thought so that he will leave with many points to ponder about North Natomas.”

What follows is a summary from KJ and what he gleaned from the Creekside meeting:


I had the pleasure of attending the Creekside Natomas Neighborhood Association meeting on June 18, 2008. It was very clear from the comments, that many of the residents feel Natomas has not realized the lofty goals that drove its original conception and development. They were frustrated because:

1) They felt the community had been planned through isolated decision making. The result has been a community that currently has a lack of safe walking and biking paths and too little planning and funding of the regional park. To correct those missteps, they thought an important role of the next Mayor of Sacramento is to help plan the continued growth of Natomas in a collaborative manner that considers how decisions will affect the community as a whole.

2) There are a number of vacant buildings, stripmalls, foreclosed homes and unkept lots and yards that do not show the pride and vibrancy of the neighborhood.

3) Low-income housing is not distributed throughout the community; instead, developers have placed these units in certain pockets. The residents felt that that created an isolated dynamic that was not positive for the community.

4) The lack of technological jobs in Natomas, explaining that many Natomas residents have technology backgrounds that arenʼt being utilized.

5) They feel that public safety is not prioritized. There’s a lack of a Fire station on the west side of I-5, a police substation and of more officers to respond to property crimes. Though they were appreciative of the work of Dan Hahn, they stated that they needed the officer force necessary to investigate all of the crimes that were committed.

6) There are not enough meaningful programs and services for youth.

My Response:

When I asked residents why they decided to attend that nightʼs meeting they cited a strong commitment to the community and a specific interest in the growth of the neighborhood as it affects their family and friends. I understand the frustration Natomas residents feel about the disconnect from Sacramento, and I will help to foster the unrealized potential of this community by continuing these productive discussions and moving forward on critical actions. Natomas residents want the next Mayor of Sacramento to ensure that tax dollars will be appropriately spent on public safety, including police and fire protection. I will ensure that the community has access to their fair share of these important city resources.


  1. Yep. That’s definitely the guy I have stood behind since day one, even when it was dicey to. KJ is proving every day what sets him apart from Fargo, and none of his moves surprise me… even though the Bee wants us to believe he is the devil’s agent. YES WAY KJ!!

  2. Anonymous says

    What? Because he gets the phone call to show up to places? He is campaigning. Instead of looking st that formula, look instead at his public record – his many failures in the Sacramento community. You put your hopes and dreams into the new and shiny, get lured by the flashy. You wouldn’t live in Natomas if it weren’t successful. I’ll stick with the practical and known successes (and continue to push our leaders to improve). We won’t be blinded by the dazzle. Thank you very much.

  3. Angelique says

    Just to be clear on the facts – draw whatever conclusions you think are fair – Creekside did not call any candidate.

    The policy for political candidates in Creekside is that anyone running for office who would like to speak to our association will be afforded an opportunity to do so.

    Kevin called and asked if he could come to a Creekside Neighborhood Association meeting.

    No one called him and asked him to attend.

    No other mayoral candidates have asked to attend – if they did – they would be afforded the same opportunity as Kevin.

  4. Heather- Please stop posting inflammatory remarks about you opponent on these boards. You are the ONLY one who could possibly have this ‘opinion’

  5. Heather is campaigning and she hasn’t bothered to show up… perhaps it’s because she’s already written off North Natomas.

    We live in Natomas because it was supposed to be successful… when we took a gamble 10 years ago. Now we can’t afford to move.

  6. Anonymous says

    As a North Natomas resident, I have been very frustrated with the City’s poor policies and planning. Crime will continue to be a big issue in Natomas if the city continues to add more high density homes and especially low income apartments in every corner of Natomas. This is a perfect recipe for crime. As residents, we need to send a clear message to the Planning Commission and City Council that they need to stop irresponsibly issuing blding permits until all the amenities such as parks, schools, libraries, etc…are in place. I live in the Terrace Park Community, and we the residents fought for 2 1/2 years before we won the battle with Dr Horton to get our elementary school site. The City staff had recommended to the City Planning Commission the “go ahead” to bld 64 more homes on the lot that was planned as an elementary school site. Also, when the City approved the Terrace Park community, they did NOT require DR Horton to put up a much needed soundwall along the 99 off ramp. In the meantime, the City has already approved the Greenbriar development. What this does is bring more congestion along the 99 corridor, again WITHOUT a soundwall. I can go on and on about my dissatisfaction with the way the current City administration is run. However, we can’t make positive changes in our community until we band together and send a clear message to the City that we won’t tolerate it. As a responsible homeowner, I can’t even MOVE out because I am competing with foreclosures at every corner. I have written letters to the City and all of them ignored. If this means voting for Kevin Johson and hoping for change, I will.

  7. Anonymous says

    Comparing the two, when you talk to people who have worked with both of them – she’s much more reasonable to work with than he is. That’s not rumor, that’s fact. Teachers all over Sacramento can vouch for all of the problems with Sac High, as one example. Sounds like North Natomas has it’s mind made up, however. Apparently, ignorance is bliss. What a shame.

  8. Anonymous says

    Who is she much more reasonable to? The developers who have us buried in three story apartments, low income housing, vacant office space and abandoned businesses? Is she more reasonable because she has no power to persuade her council to make better decisions when building this community in seven years instead of 25? Was she reasonable to let our NN finances be spent elsewhere instead of providing us with a second fire station, police station, or community centers – all promised in our Community Plan?

    You may not like KJ, but how can you defend Fargo? This may well be a case of choosing the lessor evil, but major changes are needed locally in city council and the mayors office.


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