New In The Neighborhood

A grassroots effort on the part of four dedicated community-minded homeowners in the Gateway West and Park View neighborhoods of North Natomas has created a new neighborhood association.

The name Witter Ranch Community Alliance was chosen to honor historic Witter Ranch within the new association’s boundaries, plus the elementary school and park central to the community which share the same name as the landmark.

The group’s web site, launched over the weekend, can be found at

The Witter Ranch Community Alliance boundaries include south of Arena Blvd., west of Duckhorn Drive, north of San Juan Avenue, and east of Witter Way.

The group’s founders had planned to unveil the organization at a later date, once bylaws, among other things, were in place. But the recent spree of armed robberies and home-invasion crimes move up the association’s launch.

Plans are now in the works to hold a “Meet Your Neighbors” event in time for this year’s National Night Out on August 5.


  1. Anonymous says

    What a beautiful home page! Great start for you guys…Trixie

  2. Thanks to Natomas Buzz for promoting our new association! And thanks for the compliment on the Web site, Trixie.

    We’ve already been discovered by several Buzz readers. We’re off to a terrific start and are really excited about our kick-off event on National Night Out! We expect to see some new faces at our meeting on Monday evening, and I’m sure we’ll have The Buzz to thank for some of them.

    Keith Sharward, Co-founder
    Witter Ranch Community Alliance
    Member, North Natomas Crime & Safety Leadership Team

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