Seen In The Neighborhood

THE BUZZ received the following from one of the many e-mail lists we belong to and thought it was worth sharing (with the author’s permission).

What have YOU done today to improve your neighborhood?

This morning I called the city to report:

  • An abandoned car on Chimney Rock Way
  • Blight on Far Niente Way (case already pending)
  • Two street lights out on Flora Springs Way
  • A dead lawn on Saintsbury Drive
  • Gang graffiti in South Natomas in front of the veterinary clinic we use

Your turn… Can YOU outdo this NATOMAS BUZZ reader and area resident? Click on “comments” below and spread let us know!


  1. Anonymous says

    Not as action-packed as the featured example, but I can claim frequent weeding around the nearby traffic-calming roundabout. Also, picking up fly-away plastic bags after trash collection. When I can, I pull weeds at Sycamore Park down the street. Mostly cosmetic stuff – just short of mowing an empty home’s lawn at this point. Cheers.

  2. Anonymous says

    Not as action-packed as the previous entries, but I personally stopped for all stop signs in my path today around N Natomas–which is more than half the residents in N Natomas do

  3. Anonymous says

    For once, someone else was doing it for me! I saw a Sac PD officer parked on my street this morning and later in the day I saw a team handing out a ticket on North Park. Thank you!

    I love this stop sign comment! I do salute you! I have actually followed someone home who ran several stop signs along the way and chewed her out for putting her kids and mine in danger! Trixie

  4. Anonymous says

    I been watering and mowing the lawn on the vacant house next to mine for 8 months. Saved the lawn. House sold to a very nice family and the new owners who just started to move in last week, thanked me for mowing their lawn (which I did the day before they moved in.

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