Because Some Things Just Bear Repeating

Coming out of the Natomas Landing meeting yesterday afternoon, some NATOMAS BUZZ readers asked us what we thought about the proposed project.

Last time THE BUZZ posted an item on the Natomas Landing proposal was back in February.

At the time we referred our readers to a blog about Sacramento real estate statistics and specifically to a photo log (scroll down to see all the pictures) of empty commercial and retail space located throughout the Natomas area.

Since February several businesses in the neighborhood have closed — adding to the amount of available square footage in our area. And with the state of the economy now — think Linens N Things, BORDERS and Starbucks — it’s anyone’s guess what will still be open this time next year.

When Doug Ose was asked yesterday whether any “letters of intent” had been received from retailers interested in the Natomas Landing site, the answer was “no.” While we understand the drive to get a project in the works before the flood-related building moratorium goes into effect, we don’t think it’s necessary.

THE BUZZ and family moved to Natomas in 2001. In less than a month, we’ll have lived here almost seven years in the same single-story house. When we moved in, we did our grocery shopping at Bel Air on West El Camino. We preferred driving to Target on Riverside rather than down the street to Walmart. The Costco on Exposition was the closest warehouse store.

Look at the neighborhood now! Not only do we have three major grocery stores to choose from, there is a Sam’s Club, a Target and numerous family-owned eateries! Sure, it would be great to have a Trader Joe’s down the street, but to date the grocery chain has no plans to build in our area…

So what do we honestly think about the Natomas Landing project? And building retail on the neighboring Tsakopoulos property?

In the words of one NATOMAS BUZZ reader, “We can survive with what retail (and retail space) we have now. So let’s take a deep breath and reevaluate after the moratorium.”


  1. Anonymous says

    Here here! What is the rush to build more now? They already have a huge EMPTY retail strip mall over there. I would much rather wait for higher quality product to arrive. Trixie

  2. Anonymous says

    Quick clarification: Is Borders set to shutter its Natomas location!?

  3. We refer to both Borders and Starbucks as these companies both report financial problems and possible closures.

  4. Anonymous says

    Don’t change the community plan. Put the retail where it is supposed to go, there will still be plenty. Tell Doug Ose no!

  5. I think a Trader Joe’s opening at the site of the Linens N Things would solve the world’s problems (or at least mine, as I just can’t bear driving to East Sac anymore).

  6. Anonymous says

    I agree with needing a Trader Joe’s out here. I drive to the one on Marconi. Everytime I go in, I tell the people they need to open in Natomas!

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