Come One, Come All: Fargo In Creekside Tonight

Creekside homeowners will meet 7 p.m. tonight upstairs at the Homecoming Apartments on Kokomo Drive and the session — open to all Natomas residents — promises to be action packed!

Mayor Heather Fargo will be on hand as well as a rep from the Sac PD, , Inderkum High School Principal Leslie Sargent and Natomas school board member Lisa Kaplan.

There also will be a presentation for the Natomas Crossing development and a few quick Creekside area updates!


  1. Why does this promise to be action-packed? What is the topic? Also, is there a single point of contact meeting organizer by any chance?

  2. Anonymous says

    Is this meeting going include follow-up on the crime wave in both North & South Natomas?

  3. Angelique Ashby says

    Hey Joe & Aonymous – let me see if I can answer the questions…

    1 – The Creekside meeting will be action packed (just my opinion) because there are lots of intersting items on the agenda.

    2 – The single point of contact that organizes every Creekside meeting is the Creekside leadership team, which I am a part of so if you have a question specific to the Creekside Neighborhood Association you are welcome to email me at [email protected]

    3 – Follow up on the crime forum is not a specific agenda item for tonight but you could certainly bring it up.

    Captain Hahn is scheduled to be in attendance, but I can tell you that since the meeting on the 30th home invasions have stopped and robberries have slowed way down in Natomas (North & South).

    The police department have made 12 total arrests related to the home invasions and robberries that have occurred in our area in June & July.

    I hope this helps… Thanks for your interest!


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