New Library Construction Stalls

Remember when the North Natomas Library project broke ground?

Wondering why the ground isn’t a “little more broken” at this point?

According to the Friends of the North Natomas Library website, the construction bid has been contested and is now in arbitration.

Stay tuned…

Update from Councilman Ray Tretheway’s office:

“We have finished the mediation and are prepared to award the contract. The contract will come before council next Tuesday, June 17, with plans to begin construction meetings by the end of the month and construction as soon as possible.

Unfortunately the bid protest did delay the beginning of construction, but we are still on target for the grand opening by December, 2009.”


  1. Anonymous says

    It never surprises me that the city will rarely give the bad news to the public but what does surprise me is they dont even do a good job talking up the good news.

    I think we need a change in leadership in the city and I hope you do to. Vote for Kevin Johnson for Mayor. He said he wants the city to be more transparent and if he is mayor we would do that.

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