Sacramento Approves Fire "Brownout" Plan

Despite a packed house and dozens of Sacramento-area residents speaking in protest of cuts, the Sac City Council last night approved plans to “brownout” fire stations to save about $5 million.

Under the first proposal, entire stations could have been shut down for 24 hours. But Thursday night, an alternative was given. The city can take one fire vehicle off the streets everyday without closing entire stations. In some areas of the city, response times will go up by about a minute.

Voting in favor: Fargo, Tretheway, Fong, Hammond, McCarty, and Pannell.
Voting against: Sheedy and Waters.
Absent: Cohn.


  1. Anonymous says

    Very interesting compromise considering we are already surrounded by wildfires and it hasn’t even gotten into triple digits yet. Time will tell if the City Council has shot themselves in the foot again.

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