Flood Officials Give Report To Natomas Residents

Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency executive director Stein Beuer shows diagram is of the levee-widening project.

Several people including Mayor Heather Fargo, Sac County Supervisor Roger Dickinson and a rep from Congresswoman Doris O. Matsui’s office attended tonight’s flood control meeting in South Natomas.

Some key points out of the meeting:

  1. The maps officially redesignating Natomas, thus creating a need to have flood insurance, will be in place on December 8, 2008.
  2. At that time all homeowners with a mortgage that is federally insured will be required to get flood insurance.
  3. The insurance rate will be set firm — so if you call several places for quotes they should all be the same.
  4. The project is moving ahead on schedule. Completion of 200-year flood protection is set for 2012.

There are families losing property along the levee lines as part of the flood protection process and were understandably upset about this sacrifice.

Mayor Fargo said the flooding issue and levee improvement project is her highest safety priority for Natomas and the City.

Army Corp of Engineers representative Chapman.

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