What’s Going On At The Regional Park?

On Friday, April 4, THE BUZZ received the following e-mail message:

“Do you have any idea why they’ve fenced off the walkway along North Park Dr.? We were enjoying being able to walk or bike out to the high school and around to the lake and now they’ve got it all fenced off? Any idea what they’re doing and for how long?”

THE BUZZ checked in with a member of the Natomas Park HOA’s Parks & Schools Committee and learned the cyclone fencing is up so Phase II landscaping can be planted along the Regional Park path!

Crews were out early this morning working on the project.


  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the info, that is good news! Now our walks will be even more pleasant with landscaping to enjoy.

  2. Anonymous says

    Plus, you can still get to the bridge and bike path via the fenced walkway to the street. I was hoping they were going to finish the final stretch of concrete making the walkway full circle around the park.

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