Rant To Red Light Runners

Folks, even my 4-year-old knows RED means STOP!

Living here in Sactown for more than a decade, we are no stranger to the infamous red-light runner.

But in recent days, we have noticed an even more blatant disreguard for the light signals at Natomas Boulevard & Del Paso Road.

More than once, several vehicles have continued to turn left after their green arrow has turned red! And when we say “several,” we are talking up to SEVEN cars at a time!

THE BUZZ would not mind at all if the City of Sacramento installed cameras at this busy intersection.

And we would really love it if our friends at Sac PD spent some time on traffic enforcement over here! (hint, hint)


  1. Anonymous says

    Another place where several cars (seen up to 5 at a time)run the red light on a left hand turn is going into the Natomas Market Place complex. I see people run red lights along Truxel and Northgate EVERY time I leave the house. I’d vote to keep raising the fines until people start obeying the law. Maybe $500 or $1000 per ticket would motitivate people to do the right thing.

  2. Anonymous says

    I generally obey all stop signs and lights and get annoyed when people roll through stop signs. My exception is the (RLA)red left arrow(when the through light is green), before RLAs were introduced, you waited at the intersection and turned opportunistically, when there was no through traffic. The one RLA that is particularly bugging, is the one on club center and northborough. There is almost no traffic there and the left turn doesn’t stay green for long, although the through light is always green(club center being the major st). I find it environmentally wasteful to wait (3mins timed) to turn left at an empty intersection. Just my opinion

  3. Anonymous says

    Interesting point. Is it possible to get the green arrow timed longer?

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