Scam Alert

THE BUZZ read these messages sent to Natomas-area residents and thought they were worth sharing:

Lock (All) Your Doors

“My neighbor … informed me that one day last week, in the middle of the day, a man came into his house. He was upstairs working when he heard the front door open (2 alarm beeps). The door was unlocked. He thought it was his wife coming home, but when he started downstairs the intruder saw him and ran out the front door. He did not see him, other than his back as he ran out the door. I think this is very bold, as it is right next door to our house that was broken into a few weeks ago. Also, someone is generally home during the day at his house.”

Be Careful What You Say

“Another scam that is out there right now is young men acting as roofing contractors. They ask to do an appraisal and state that they will be in the neighborhood to do inspections around noon the next day. That is followed by, “will you be home?”. If you say no, they come back and break in. I realize that we all have new roofs, but they may offer to fix something else.”

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