What’s THE BUZZ All About?

OK, here’s the deal with THE BUZZ…

If you happen to read Sacramento’s daily newspaper, you may notice — like we have — that there is sparse North Natomas coverage.

We’re talking neither the good, nor the bad. And to use one of the paper’s favorite headline verbs: This draws our IRE!

Why? Well, let’s see, there are thousands of residences and business in North Natomas, a lot of which probably subscribe to, or advertise, in said newspaper.

And it’s important we hear what is going on in our neighborhood!

Said newspaper generally includes tons of info about crime all over the city. Have you noticed that many of the items which make it on THE BUZZ are not in the paper?

Why is that? Good question.

Also, the newspaper has been diligent in its coverage of Sacramento-area school districts, budget cuts and pink slips.

Now why hasn’t a story about Natomas Unified School District and its plan to keep schools open and prevent layoffs next year made it into the newspaper? For goodness sakes, this is GOOD NEWS!

THE BUZZ gives props to our local TV and radio stations and we acknowledge it doesn’t hurt that more than one broadcaster resides in North Natomas!

We’re on this soapbox for a reason. We don’t want readers of THE BUZZ to get all freaked out when they read the Natomas Cops Log (left-hand column).

THE BUZZ is a neighborhood NEWS blog. We want our neighbors to be able to make informed decisions. Paul Johnson, a board member for the Regency Park Neighborhood Association, includes this quote with all his e-mail messages:

“He who does not prevent a crime
when he can, encourages it.”

And we agree!

That said, you’ll note THE BUZZ also posts good things happening in our neighborhood such as groundbreaking for the new library, the upcoming State of Natomas address, and a Natomas Park Peeps team representing in the Susan G. Komen cancer walk!

We love going to the store, the gym, or the park and running into people we know. We like where we live. We are here for the long haul, and we hope you are too!



  1. Speaking of The Bee – they have a dozen blogs now – why not one for North Natomas? Do away with the Neighbors section on Thursday (which almost NEVER has anything about Natomas) and add “The Buzz” as a blog they promote.

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