This Is One Party Coming To An End

Update: According to our sources, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has canceled the last couple of events at the Del Paso site in question and is working on a long-term solution for this location.

Looks like law enforcement officials are poised to crack down on an illegal dance club that has been operating most weekends since February out of 721 W. Del Paso Road in North Natomas.


For more than a month now, 19 & under dance parties (and other gatherings such as Kasual Enkounters) have been held in the space occupied by Diversified Management Consultants Inc.

For several weeks, crowds generated by the popular underage party scene have put a strain on both Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and Sacramento Police Department resources. The two law enforcement agencies have become involved as the club site is within Sacramento County, but teens leaving the party usually wind up within the Sacramento city limits — en masse.

The parties have attracted hundreds of young people who have been spotted hanging out in the parking lot, located on the corner of Del Paso Road (where it turns into Main) and Northgate Boulevard, during the parties. The scene inside is just as wild as seen in this picture (photo and fliers all downloaded from MySpace).

Earlier this month, after Sheriff’s deputies scattered the crowd of 500+ young people at a 19 & Under dance, about 100 youths wound up at In-N-Out Burger which shut down as a result of the deluge. More than a dozen police officers were called to the scene to disperse the loiterers.

Just this past weekend (see Natomas Cops Log in the left-hand column), shots were reportedly fired several times — at the warehouse and In-N-Out Burger — in connection with a 19 & Under dance party.

At one point, law enforcement limited access to Blackrock Road to area residents only.

A source from county Supervisor Roger Dickinson’s office has been in touch with a group of concerned citizens to report officials are “moving swiftly” to shut down these parties and prevent any from being held this weekend.

The Sheriff’s Department has identified the building owner, who apparently owns another illegal club off Garden Highway, and the District Attorney’s office plans to serve said owner before the weekend. County Code Enforcement has opened a complaint and is in the process of sending advisory notice that the dance club is operating without a use permit and is therefore illegal.

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