What’s the Poop?

I recently read some one’s complaint about dogs leaving calling cards on their lawn. Seems this is a reoccurring problem for these folks and they are pooped out over the whole issue.

I have a similar complaint of my own! There is a cat which regularly trolls around our street and I often see it in our backyard. Although I cannot be 100% certain, I am pretty darn sure this same cat is using my front flower beds and garden plots as its personal toilet.

Now for folks walking their dogs, it’s not that difficult to bring along a plastic bag to pick up droppings. But what do you do about an animal that isn’t on a leash? I have toyed with the idea of trying to catch this cat and see if its tags will tell me where it lives.

Any suggestions?


  1. Yo! Lona_mom: My cat used to do this to us and neighbors alike…we did nothing! Now that my feline has moved on to that great lawn in the sky, my neighbor’s cat has taken over. CB got the bright idea to change the watering schedule so that the lawn was wet during the cats normal visit to the front lawn. It worked! Not sure what you do in the wintertime….not much need for lawn watering.

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