It’s a RUNderful Life: Regional Park

Sunset on the North Natomas Regional Park loop. / Photo

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If you live in North Natomas, you have seen this loop. The North Natomas Regional Park is one of my favorite places to visit. This loop is great for running, walking, jogging or just taking an afternoon stroll through.

I used to push my kiddos around in their stroller through the regional park when they were younger, but now they enjoy walking or trying to catch me running along the paths here. I did not realize the loop was exactly 2.0 miles, which makes it a perfect walk with children and/or pets.

Baby goslings at the regional park. / Photo

I love the North Natomas Regional Park loop. This is my go-to, put-me-in-a-good mood destination. The pond at the park is full of different types of waterfowl, which makes it exciting for children (and myself!), especially this time of year. I love seeing the ducklings and goslings swimming around the pond and walking on wobbly legs along the shore. If you are lucky, you can see some itty-bitty ones that have just been born with their sweet, fuzzy, yellow feathers. The parents keep a close watch on their babies and the geese parents will hiss at you if you get too close, so be careful!

This is a great location to traverse anytime of year. The fall brings lots of migratory birds which perch on the larger islands in the pond and of course springtime brings the babies. In addition to waterfowl, I have also seen a pair of coyotes here – in broad daylight!

Coyotes are frequently spotted in the regional park. / Courtesy Photo

The best time of day to visit, in my opinion, is right at sunset. This park offers some of the most beautiful sunsets in all of Natomas. It is not uncommon for me to be in the midst of a run here and to look up and have my breath taken away by the majestic sunsets to the west. I’ve been known to trip over my feet as I halt mid-run to snap a photo.

The North Natomas Regional Park is also home to an amazing farmer’s market from May through September as well as yoga in the park on Saturday mornings. The playground here is one of my kiddos’ favorites in the area and they will play on it for hours – especially during the summer when the water play area is operating (Memorial Day to Labor Day).

The sprayground is a popular feature at the regional park. / Photo

I can’t say enough good things about this loop. I feel truly blessed that we have this amenity here in Natomas. I hope you will swing by for some bird watching, sunset gazing and perhaps even some farmer’s market shopping. If you see me stumbling on my feet on a run, feel free to join in my laughter and say “Hi!”

Mariah Talso moved to North Natomas in 2012. She has two young children who enjoy the trails, parks, and playgrounds in the area. In 2018, Mariah decided to run a marathon, took up running and hasn’t stopped. She loves running outdoors, traversing the trails and levees throughout Natomas. Click here to read her other columns.

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