It’s a RUNderful Life: Tretheway Oak Preserve

A bike and pedestrian bridge over the Natomas Main Drainage Canal. / Photos by Mariah Talso

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The route was new to me, so I had no idea what to expect. I chose to do a 4.5 mile run, but you could extend this up to 10 miles if you go all the way to Del Paso Road and back. The map shows the portion I ran — I turned around and retraced my steps after running 2.25 miles.

My run started at the 12.8-acre Ray and Judy Tretheway Oak Preserve, formerly Natomas Oaks Park. I didn’t go through the heritage oak grove this time, but instead along the dirt path to the bike and walking trail at the rear of the park. Once on the trail, the remainder of the run is on a nicely paved path.

After about .5 miles the scenery was breathtaking. The trail is along the Natomas Main Drainage Canal and is really beautiful. There are large, gorgeous trees covering the first half mile of the path where currently everything is green and starting to bloom.

I ran along this path over Interstate 80 using the bike and pedestrian bridge opened in October 2011. This is a bit of a challenge as it is an uphill run and one of the few “hills” you can find in Natomas. There is a great view of both south and north Natomas once you reach the top of the overpass.

I went about a mile further on the trail before I turned around. The run back was just as beautiful and I stopped a few times just to observe and enjoy the greenery around me.

This trail is great for the avid runner, the novice runner, the walker, dog walkers and family adventurer(s). I passed three parks including the one where I started. These parks make for ample places to stop and rest, let your kids or pups run off some steam, and play on the playgrounds.

I did this route in the morning, starting at 7:45 a.m., when the weather was crisp and perfect for running. I am so excited to have found this new — to me — trail and cannot wait to explore it again. I hope these photos inspire you to check this Natomas trek out as well.

The Ray and Judy Tretheway Oak Preserve is located at 2230 River Plaza Drive.

Mariah Talso moved to North Natomas in 2012. She has two young children who enjoy the trails, parks, and playgrounds in the area. In 2018, Mariah decided to run a marathon, took up running and hasn’t stopped. She loves running outdoors, traversing the trails and levees throughout Natomas. Click here to read her other columns.

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