Farewell to Natomas Neighbor: Molly Fling

Molly received “Couldn’t Have Done it Without You” honors at the 2013 N Factor Awards ceremony. / Photo by Chris Shannon for NatomasBuzz.com

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Late last week, after a year of health struggles, our community lost an absolute titan of public service.

Molly Fling

Molly Fling has served Sacramento for nearly her entire adult life. First while employed at UC Davis Medical Center for many years, and later in retirement as a member of the Natomas Community Association (she served as past president) and the primary volunteer for the Natomas Police & Community Resource Center.

Molly served on several committees and participated in hundreds of community events.

She was a big supporter of The Natomas Buzz, N Magazine, our libraries, our students, the Natomas Chamber of Commerce and the City of Sacramento.

Molly earned awards many times over for her extraordinary dedication to volunteering. She was recognized citywide by the Sacramento Mayor and Sacramento City Council and was honored at the N Factor awards by State Senate Dr. Richard Pan and Mayor Pro Tem Ashby.

Molly was extraordinary. A true leader. She exemplified, in every way, what it means to be part of a community.

In her final year, two neighbors helped her daily and many friends and neighbors brought food, drove her to appointments, helped with her home and her technology. She was truly loved and cared for by the very people she dedicated her life to.

Born in Oregon, but a lover of California, Molly lived in South Natomas, retired from UC Davis Med Center, had a beloved niece locally with whom she enjoyed holidays, spent most of her time running the resource center and spending time with friends and neighbors helping to serve Natomas.

She will be deeply missed. Stay tuned for an opportunity to get together and celebrate all that she contributed to our city and our community.

This memoriam was originally published on Facebook by Mayor Pro Tem Ashby.

Molly visits with Councilmember Angelique Ashby and community volunteer Rosemarie Ruggieri at the 2011 State of Natomas luncheon. / NatomasBuzz.com Photo

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