Natomas Youth and Seniors Value Their Vote

The 64,180 registered voters who reside in Natomas are as diverse in age as they are in party preference. For Election Day 2020, The Natomas Buzz checked in with both a first-time voter and veteran voter.

First-time Voter Had a Plan for Casting her Ballot

Image of young woman.

Mikayla Pannell, 19

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

Mikayla Pannell, 19, is a first time voter, community college student and long time Natomas resident who graduated from Natomas Charter School Virtual Learning Academy in 2019. She’s passionate about the arts, social justice and education.

This is the first presidential election Pannell was eligible to vote in and she was excited to be able to participate in the election process.As a young, black woman and a descendent of Americans who had to fight for their right to vote, Pannell said feels a great sense of pride and responsibility as a new voter.

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Natomas Centenarian Never Misses an Election

Image of three people holding purple signs that read VOTE. One is in a wheelchair.

Grace Cody joined Patrick Cody and daughter-in-law Annette Emery during a peaceful demonstration commemorating the 109th anniversary of a woman’s right to vote in California in October 2020.

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

The first time Sacramento-area resident Grace Angela Cody, 101, voted was in 1940. And she’s never missed an election since.

Cody said voting is important to her “so the right guy gets elected.”

Early last month, Cody joined others — some in costume — who demonstrated peacefully to commemorate the 109th anniversary of a woman’s right to vote in California.

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