Opinion: Sacramento’s Strong Mayor Initiative

On Nov. 3, Sacramento voters will be asked to weigh in on Measure A — more commonly referred to as the “strong mayor” initiative. If voters approve Measure A on Election Day, the city’s charter will be changed to create a mayor-council form of government. As a result, the mayor will no longer be a member of the Sacramento City Council and will become the city’s chief executive officer, a position currently held by the city manager.

The Natomas Buzz invited Heather Fargo, a former Sacramento mayor and longtime Natomas resident, and Natomas advocate Brandon Black to share their views on this initiative. Here are their responses, presented in the order they were received by the deadline.

Vote “Yes” on Measure A

Brandon Black

For THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

Measure A is a proposal to move Sacramento forward. You will hear a lot during this campaign about a power grab and how this concentrates too much power in one person’s hands. That power however, already exists in the hands of an unelected city manager. While we have an amazing city manager in Howard Chan, that has not and will not always be the case. Continue Reading

Vote “No” on Measure A

Heather Fargo

For THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

Measure A would fundamentally change our city government to give the Mayor more power, which would weaken the council members and the voice of our neighborhoods. Citizens would have less involvement in decisions that directly affect their lives. “Strong mayor” has been rejected three times in the last decade by the courts, the Sacramento City Council, and the voters. Continue Reading




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