Car Meet Draws Hundreds to Park Place II Center

Image of police car lights flashing. Silhouette of driver and companion sitting on curb.

Police detained and cited one person for reckless driving. / Photo

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

A large car meet that drew nearly 300 vehicles to the Park Place II shopping center in Natomas Tuesday night ended with one citation.

Sacramento Police units were called to the 4700 block of Natomas Boulevard at about 7:51 p.m. on July 14 on a report of reckless driving.

Officers maintained a presence on the scene for more than two hours, during which most reckless driving ceased, according to a police spokesperson.

At one point, the shopping center parking lot was full to capacity with vehicles and people on foot. The lot cleared at about 10:30 p.m., according to one of the business owners in the center.

As the crowd slowly started to disperse, officers observed one vehicle driving recklessly and conducted an enforcement stop. The driver was issued a citation and their vehicle was towed.

Police said officers also spoke with the property owner and discussed options to help curb similar incidents in the future.

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