SactoMoFo Expands ‘Dinners To Go’ in Natomas

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The Hammer family checked out the North Natomas food trucks on May 2.

Sacramento Mobile Foods is expanding its “dinners to go” food truck program by testing two new locations in Natomas in the coming week.

The catering and events company launched the concept in an effort to generate income for mobile food trucks struggling due to COVID-19 pandemic which has people sheltering at home and has canceled events throughout the region.

In late April, SactoMoFo started to embed a handful of mobile food trucks within residential neighborhoods in hopes that those sheltered-in-place nearby would pick up dinner and/or dessert to go.

“The North Natomas market was one of the first ones that we tried with the new concept of grab and go,” said Paul Somerhausen, SactoMoFo founder and CEO. “Because of the enthusiastic reception by the neighborhood, it gave us a big boost to try the same concept elsewhere.”

“They helped us find our way to doing new business in the COVID world,” he added.

For more than two months the “North Natomas” event has been held Saturday evenings at Regency Park Elementary School on Bridgecross Drive.

Starting on Sunday, June 7 SactoMoFo will test a new “Witter Ranch” event at Witter Ranch Elementary School on Poppy Hill Way. Later in the week, on Wednesday, an event at Westlake Charter School on Mabry Drive will debut.

Similar markets are also staged weekly in Carmichael, Elk Grove, South Plumas Lake, El Dorado Hills, North Plumas Lake and Tahoe Park. (A South Natomas location but did not draw enough business to continue after two weeks.)

Only mobile food trucks with online ordering participate in the neighborhood events, said Somerhausen, to provide customers with a contactless meal ordering experience.

Food trucks are sanitized before, during and after each service and CDC recommended measures are in place. For example, food truck workers have gloves and masks and cones are set up to help customers maintain physical distance when picking up meals to go.

“Natomas was one of the first neighborhoods where we started doing regular markets back in the early days,” said Somerhausen. “Natomas has always been very good to food trucks and we are very excited to try a few new locations and help the trucks survive this pandemic.”

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