Seen in Natomas: Spreading Love, Not Germs

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The COVID-19 crisis may call for social distancing, but in some ways it’s bringing the Natomas closer community together — check it out!

“Hope is not canceled” is just one of many messages written in chalk along the Redbud Bike Trail.

Tori Masucci Cummins spotted this “Love not canceled” in front of Jefferson School Park.

Richard Danganan came across the Clark family’s artwork on a walk with his own family.


“It was a combo of finding some fun art projects to do, getting out in the sunshine, and trying to add some cheer and joy to people as they pass by,” said Joanna Clark.


Ivonne Anaya-Bojorquez                  @anaya_bojorquez ·Mar 21

If you are near Valley Oak Park, check out our art work. 😘💕🌈🌷🦠

Mickaela Colvin took this photo on Sotano Drive.

Angelica Gallardo Torres saw this message when taking her dog for a walk.

Elyse MacKenzie saw this at her neighbors house — participants need to bring their own pen.

Jasleen Escobar came across this message.

Jessica Adkins Perigny shared this mosaic from Glimmer Way.

And Matt F. shared this one from Eastbrook Circle.

Yanira Alfaro Ross spotted this sign in South Natomas.

*Day 1* I am thankful to my community. Yeserday on my walk I saw these words of encouragement & it made me smile. Its great to see everyone smiling faces and the way the community is coming together to help spread a little cheer and motivate you. We are not in this alone & this attitude is infectious so I hope you’ll spreat i around too. Please share one thing you’re grateful for #ydaysofgratitude #day1 #Natomas #sacramento #browngirls #community #walks #socialdistancing #covid_19 #figian #spreadlove #inthistogether #mynatomas

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