New Charter High School to Open in Natomas

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Another charter high school is slated to open in Natomas after the first of the year.

Plans are in the works to open a new Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy campus at 1214 North Market Boulevard. The school will serve students in grades 9th through 12th.

SAVA charter schools are free public charter schools which offer personalized education for students in middle and high school. Instead of the traditional one-size-fits-all classroom, the SAVA charter school model is meant to motivate and encourage students to be independent learners.

“This personal attention and guidance is often the crucial ingredient to student success,” said Principal Morri Elliott. “At SAVA, we provide high-quality curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards, instructional support for all students, and career exploration and preparation for life after graduation.”

SAVA’s blended-learning model provides one-on-one and small group learning opportunities. As a result, each student receives individualized instruction as well as support from SAVA teachers and staff.

“SAVA students have the opportunity to meet requirements for graduation with a high school diploma as well as meet the requirements for entry level employment, apprenticeship programs, post-secondary career technical training or transition to two- or four-year colleges,” added Elliott. “We are excited to be opening a new campus.”

All graduating seniors at SAVA complete the Senior Capstone course and a Service Learning project. Senior Capstone consists of a career exploration and job skills training program and culminates in a portfolio of usable workforce resources, such as resumes, cover letters, and letters of recommendation. In the Service Learning projects, students collaborate to design their own project that makes a positive impact on our local community.

Students in need of credit recovery participate in SAVA’s self-paced core high school program, which enables them to accelerate their learning and move toward graduation as quickly as possible. Students work at their own pace and receive the support they need to complete coursework and earn their diploma.

SAVA is part Gateway Community Charters, an independent charter district. The new Natomas campus will be its sixth campus and second authorized by the Twin Rivers Unified School District.

The new site is expected to open in January 2019. To enroll, visit any of current SAVA locations.

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