Student on the Street: Midterm Election Views

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As the November midterm elections approach, Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep High School’s student press The Pacific Times asked students from Inderkum High School, Natomas Charter, and NP3: Do you think this upcoming November midterm election is important, why or why not?

Kyle San Miguel, 15, NP3 High Sophomore

“I do believe the November Election is important because it is a shift of political power to help our state and/or country for the better via changes of government positions. It is also an opportunity for new laws to be passed to help fix certain issues in our society via propositions and measures.”

Jada Co, 17, PFAA Senior

“There is a lot of turmoil in our country right now. I think the more people who get involved in the system, the better.”

Safal Mengi, 17, NP3 High Senior

“Yes, it is important for us to get our voices out there. Even if we cannot vote, we have to get involved and find ways to participate. There is a lot of adversity right now; we can turn around the state of America both economically and socially through voting.”

Maeya Estrada, 17, Inderkum High Senior

“After researching and doing the mock midterm election, I do not think the vote for propositions are significant. I do not think I will see or be impacted by the propositions personally but the election for the seats in the House, mayors, and Senate are really important because we are picking people to represent us and our beliefs in the government. Also, the party that holds the most seats can set the agenda and decisions, which is really important.”

Leia Getahoun, 17, Inderkum High senior

“I think November’s election is very important! Midterm elections are way more important than a lot of us think, especially to the generation of new voters this year. Especially with Trump in office, us Democrats need to get as many of us in office as we can, which is why we need to vote! Depending on how well Democrats do in this election, it’ll build a path for our party to block Republican legislation, as well as gain more power in standing against Trump’s agenda and nominees.”

Savien Presley, 17, Inderkum High Senior

“I personally wasn’t even aware of the midterm elections until last week, and I personally don’t even know what is being voted on if I could vote.”

Nick Clay, 17, Inderkum High Senior

“I think this November election is important because as our nation slowly is divided, it gives us Californians a sense to right our wrongs. Especially, more so within this last year.”

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