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“Can someone tell what the blue flashing lights are on Elkhorn Boulevard? I have recently noticed cameras with blue flashing lights.”

-Kim Tuter Snyder via Facebook
Photo: SacPD

Photo: SacPD

Sacramento Police spokesperson Office Justin Brown Responds:

“PODS were installed at both of those locations on Sept. 24, 2015.”

PODS stands for Police Observation Devices or are fixed-camera technology which debuted in Sacramento in September 2014 to help with crime prevention and suspect apprehension.

Brown said the devices were placed at the intersections of Elkhorn Boulevard and East Commerce Way and Natomas and Elkhorn boulevards because “they are two of the highest traffic locations in the city.”

The city plans to install more PODS, he added, but the timeline is unknown at this time.

Police have said the primary goal of PODS is to serve as a highly-visible crime deterrent. The devices are clearly marked with a police logo and a flashing blue light to maximize its effect as a crime prevention tool. If a crime occurs recorded video can also be reviewed for potential evidence.

PODS are equipped with license plate reading ability. This technology is able to quickly scan license plates and alert officers that a vehicle associated with a missing person or criminal activity is in the area. The cameras have already proven successful, police said.

Existing city cameras mounted on traffic lights are reportedly real-time devices and do not archive video.

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