NP3 Marks 10th Anniversary with Homecoming

Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep High School celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. / Courtesy Photo

Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep High School celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. / Courtesy Photo

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Natomas Pacific Pathways charter school marks its 10th anniversary this week with its first-ever homecoming.

Anniversary festivities include a flag football game 4 p.m. today, Oct. 15 and a homecoming dance on Friday, Oct. 16.

A lot has changed in the 10 years since NP3 first opened – it’s grown from 82 students to 1,100 6-12 graders.

NP3 High School principal Tom Rutten credits the school’s success to stability of staff and high-quality teaching. Over a 10-year period, only one teacher has left the school, he said.

NP3 offers a law-themed curriculum and has been recognized for its efforts in civic education. The school was named a California Distinguished School and received the Civic Learning Award from the California Judicial Branch and California Department of Education two years in a row.

At the high school level, students take a law class each year. About 20 percent of the students said they are interested in pursuing a law career.

“A law-themed curriculum actually has an impact on the school culture,” Rutten said. “The students see their role in society and the importance of being an active citizen.”

The idea for NP3 was the result of a partnership with McGeorge School of Law. The goal: to develop diverse leaders with a legal background.

Natomas is among the top most diverse communities in the United States. And NP3 is one of the highest performing schools in the Natomas Unified School District, while serving a diverse student body. For example, based on recent CAASPP results:

  • 66% of NP3 High School 11th graders met or exceeded ELA state standards vs 50% of Natomas Unified 11th graders, and
  • 27% of NP3 High School 11th graders met or exceeded math state standards vs 22% of Natomas Unified 11th graders.

“We knew we needed to develop leaders of the future who actually look like the people they are going to represent,” Rutten said.

NP3 added a middle school four years ago, growing the school to a 6-12 educational program.

The first graduating class of NP3 had three students – this year’s senior class has 157 students. Rutten said he still knows the names of the three students in the first graduating class and he intends to deliver on a promise he made 10 years ago.

“I promised the kids that I would host their 10-year reunion at my home,” Rutten said. “I figured I could handle that since we are only talking three students!”

Both the flag football game and the homecoming dance will be held at Natomas Pacific Pathways, located at 3700 Del Paso Road. Tickets to attend the game cost $3 each. See flyer below for additional details.


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