Update: Fitness Evolution Takes Over Max Fitness in Natomas

Message received via e-mail text by Max Fitness members.

Message received via e-mail text by Max Fitness members.

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Updated 3/25/2015

Publisher’s note: On Tuesday, March 24 Max Fitness members reported receiving e-mail and text messages confirming that Fitness Evolution had taken over operations of the gym which closed abruptly on Monday, March 23. (see photo) The gym re-opened for business at 4:30 p.m. that day.

Members said the entry desk at Max Fitness was cleared off over the weekend. / NatomasBuzz.com File Photo

Members said the entry desk at Max Fitness was cleared off over the weekend. / NatomasBuzz.com File Photo

The gym boasted more than 100 pieces of cardio equipment. / NatomasBuzz.com File Photo

The gym boasted more than 100 pieces of cardio equipment. / NatomasBuzz.com File Photo

Max Fitness members arrived to their gym today to find it has closed until further notice.

According to a sign posted on the door at 1900 Del Paso Road, the 42,000-square-foot facility closure is “temporary.”

Sources said the Max Fitness franchisee Hai Ying Investments had filed bankruptcy and the Fitness Evolution would be taking over the gym. But those reports have not yet been confirmed.

Max Fitness members told THE NATOMAS BUZZ that they had heard rumors the gym changed ownership, but were not warned the gym would close its doors altogether.

Member Ari Rustandi said he went to Max Fitness on Saturday, March 21 for an exercise class and found the gym closed. When he went again the next day, the gym was open, but no scheduled exercise classes were being offered.

Sandy Brooks said she was also at Max Fitness to work out on Sunday and heard another member being told childcare was not available as scheduled.

And Monday, when Nancy Lopez arrived, she found the building locked up.

“I went by there and there were a few other members out there,” Kellee Bradford-Davis added. “One said they got an email, but I didn’t.”

Some exercise classes were reportedly held Monday morning at Max Fitness, but sources said employees and members were told to vacate the premises.

Ownership at the gym changed in summer 2012 and it became a Max Fitness franchise a few months later. The location had operated as Gold’s Gym for 10 years before filing for Chapter 11 protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in May 2011.

Lopez said she signed up when Gold’s Gym was recruiting new members from a small trailer on the construction site.

“I waited almost a year for it to be built. Since then I’ve been a loyal member,” Lopez said. “I’ve seen different management teams come and go, great instructors also come and go and come back. Although there’s been lots of changes I love this gym. I hope it (re)opens quickly with minimal changes including staff and classes.”

Max Fitness is a fitness chain with more than a dozen locations in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oregon and Texas. The Natomas gym was the first – and only – in California, according to the company’s website.


  1. The Key is what are the citizens of North Natomas going to do? Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail. I will contact Pro-tem Mayor: Angelique Ashby. What will you do?

  2. I called Mayor Pro Tem Angelique Ashby
    City Hall, 5th Floor | 915 “I” Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
    Phone: 916-808-7001
    Fax: 916-808-8406
    [email protected]

    Talked to her aid–Brandon- who will give the message to her. Maxfitness is a great Gym. Who is going to inform and get involved in saving it. The first Maxfitness Gym in California? We need to do better. Youth what are you going to do? What ideas do you have to implement?

  3. Who can find out more about the organization: Hai Ying LLC? What do they want to keep the Gym open? Does anyone know a King’s player willing to buy the Gym for the Youth? Lets use our Wisdom, Lets use our Compassion, Lets use our Courage to connect with the right people. Before Maxfitness it was Gold’s Gym that went bankrupt after 10 years. A business that last at least 7 years has a great chance of continuing. Maxfitness bought the place in May 2012.

  4. The collapse of the Maxfitness is everybody’s responsibility. The place even had a day-care. The place even had a Pilates room. The youth who were at the counter always had you smiling-ear to ear-as customers came into the place. Maxfitness felt like home. Natomas people lets put on our Wisdom hats and lets save Maxfitness. Maxfitness did not require the enormous entry fees to join (initiation). Maxfitness has 2 floors with plenty of equipment. The Yoga class offered amazing. This is a gym worth saving and will be saved.

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