Seen in Natomas: National Teacher Appreciation Day

Ronaldo Del Rio -12th

Ronaldo Del Rio -12th grader / Courtesy Photo

Ranesha Norris -12th.jpg

Ranesha Norris -12th grader / Courtesy Photo

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

Students at Discovery High shared why they appreciate teachers at their school to mark National Teacher Appreciation Day.

Discovery High principal Christopher Morris posted several #ThankATeacher photographs, seen here, on Twitter with students’ handwritten messages on Tuesday, May 6.

May 5-9 is national PTA Teacher Appreciation Week.

Doneisha McCall -11th.jpg

Doneisha McCall -11th graders / Courtesy Photo

Avninder Atwal-12th.jpg

Avninder Atwal-12th grader / Courtesy Photo

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