Cyclist Hit By Car on Natomas Blvd.


Bicycle ridden by accident victim lies in the intersection.

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Updated 5:40 p.m. on Oct. 7, 2013

An 18-year-old man has been transported to an area hospital with major injuries after being hit by a car on Natomas Boulevard this afternoon.

According to Sacramento police the man was riding on a bicycle crossing the intersection of Natomas Boulevard and North Bend Dr. The cyclist was reportedly riding within the crosswalk, but against the red light.

At 4:35 p.m. southbound traffic on Natomas Boulevard was still being diverted at North Bend Dr. No southbound traffic was being allowed between North Park Drive and Del Paso Road.

Police said the driver of the vehicle remained on the scene after the collision. DUI is not suspected at this time, police spokesperson Michele Gigante said.

At 5:37 p.m. Natomas Boulevard had reopened to through southbound traffic, police said.


  1. Rudy Navarro says

    That intersection is part of my daily 10 mile ride. Although it’s tragic that a cyclist got hit by a car, he should have never crossed on a red. As a cyclist you have to follow the same rules of the road as a vehicle I’m an avid cyclist, I’ve almost gotten hit a few times myself and I follow the rules of the road. One time was someone texting while driving and the other time was a stop sign runner. Both times were so close I thought my number was up. Be careful out there!

  2. Dougie Pieper says

    Any update on the biker?

  3. They want to take him off life support in the morning but not sure when.
    I am a family member of his! The doctors will have a meeting with his
    family in the early this morning!

  4. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. My mom is really good friends with his mom. We grew up together, practically like family.

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