New Interns Join The Natomas Buzz

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

Several new interns have recently started working with THE NATOMAS BUZZ.

For the fourth consecutive year, the neighborhood news website’s intern program has gleaned local talent from Natomas-area high schools.

New to THE NATOMAS BUZZ are Jeremiah McWright, a junior at Natomas High School, as well as Valentina Carrillo, a senior at Inderkum High School. These two enthusiastic students are all excited about contributing photographs and stories to the website about their schools and the Natomas community.

Also new to THE NATOMAS BUZZ team are American River College student Anthony Barnes, a Natomas resident, and recent Sacramento State graduate Kallie Provencher. Both have already tackled several articles for the website.

Continuing with the intern program are seniors Ojaswi Adhikari, from Natomas High School, and Sukhman Rekhi, from Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep. This will be Adhikari’s second year contributing to the website and Rekhi’s third – they are both dedicated to learning and work hard to cover their schools for THE NATOMAS BUZZ.

Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep class of 2012 graduate Emily Mibach is juggling internships at both The Davis Enterprise and THE NATOMAS BUZZ this summer. In fall, she will return to Mills College as a sophomore.


V. Carrillo

A. Barnes

A. Barnes


K. Provencher


S. Rekhi


O. Adhikari



  1. madchengeist says

    Kallie Provencher @kallie_pro is a biased writer and has a huge chip on her shoulder. She should not be writing articles about women and for women on RantChic. Her articles hate on her own gender. “24 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After Age 30” and “20 Things Women Over 30 Shouldn’t Own”. She has a deep seeded disdain for older women and should not be writing about things she doesn’t know about. Extremely judgmental and heavily misguided person. She should be ashamed of herself. There is no “Peace, Love & Happiness” in her heart for any woman over 30. If you write about women, you actually have to like them. She doesn’t.

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