Vandals Tag Fort Natomas with Graffiti

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Fort Natomas has been struck by vandals.

Structures and benches at the popular south Natomas playground have been tagged with black paint in several places.

The tagging comes less than a week after a six-foot fountain damaged earlier this month by vandals was replaced in the Natomas Rose Garden, which sits adjacent to the playground on the South Natomas Community Center grounds.

“We will do everything possible to catch the vandals,” District 3 city Councilman Steve Cohn said Tuesday night.

Cohn said the graffiti would be cleaned up as soon as it could be documented by city officials.

Fort Natomas is located at the corner of Truxel Road and Pebblestone Way, where it was rebuilt after being destroyed by fire two times in two years by arsonists. The original playground – located in Jefferson Park – burned down on June 26, 2006 and again on May 26, 2008.

The playground opened where it currently stands on Dec. 13, 2008.

City officials recently replaced aging turf at Fort Natomas, which had ripped and lifted in some places, to the tune of $3,400.

The vandalism was reported to THE NATOMAS BUZZ by a reader via social media.



  1. Natomas Residence says

    I love the quote “We will do everything possible to catch the vandals,” District 3 city
    Councilman Steve Cohn. The reason I laugh at this is because I witnessed someone vandalize a pay phone a few months back. I called police, and was told they were busy and to go online and fill out a police report. Which I did. I even took a picture of the vehicle the guy drove away in. To this day, no one has contacted me or asked me to see a photo or asked me anything else about my report. Sacramento police do not have the time nor the budget to handle things as minor as vandalizations.

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