Student On The Street: Prom Night

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Tonight Inderkum High School will hold their annual Junior/Senior Prom at the Sacramento Convention Center and next Friday Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep High School’s prom will be held at the Capital Plaza Ballroom.

We asked students: What are you looking forward to on Prom Night?

sotsccarbahChelsea Carbah, Inderkum senior
“My boyfriend asked me to Prom with an organized dance with his friends and he played my favorite country song. I’m excited for prom because I get to dance, dress up, go out to eat and be fancy with all my friends.”

sotsidiazIvan Diaz, Inderkum senior
“I’m most excited to take pictures, dress up, dance the night away, and spend the night with my girlfriend.”

sotsmruvalcabaMakayla Ruvalcaba, Inderkum senior
“I’m definitely most excited for this year’s prom not only because it’s my last year considering I’m a senior, but how truly amazing it’s going to be. I’m on the prom committee so I’ve been a part of planning the event and I have absolutely no doubt it’s going to be a night to remember.”

sotsmmathewsMark Mathews, Inderkum senior
“I’m looking forward to enjoying one of the last opportunities I will have to fellowship with my class.”

sotshstrandHannah Strand-Fantl, Inderkum senior
“I’m excited for prom because I’m looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful dresses, lights, and music and spending a memorable night with my friends to celebrate the end of our senior year.”

sotsagarciaAdriana Garcia, 17, NP3 senior
“After our Student Government Adviser left for maternity leave, all the students in Student Government and Prom Committee have been working hard to pull the event together. I’m just really excited to see how all the planning we have done for Prom comes into play and how everything looks on the night of the event.”

sotsafareediAyesha Fareedi, 17, NP3 senior
“I am personally looking forward to see how everyone will look at Prom. It will be especially interesting to see how people present themselves at a formal event.”

sotsbcamachoBenjamin Camacho, 18, NP3 senior
“I’m looking forward to the music and merriment of my last event as a senior.”

sotsdcumminsDeja Cummins, 16, NP3 junior
“I’m excited about dressing up and having a good time with my friends.”

sotsdcraineDylan Craine, 17, NP3 junior
“I can’t wait to have a good time with good music and good food on Prom night.”


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