New Dollar Tree Store Slated For Natomas

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A new Dollar Tree store is slated for north Natomas.

Sacramento city officials have confirmed Dollar Tree has applied for a building permit for a commercial space located at 2000 Club Center Drive, on the corner of Club Center and Danbrook drives, in the Natomas Park neighborhood.

The store will go into the space previously occupied by Sac Town Ice Cream & Sandwiches, which closed in December 2011, and will also take the space where Sacramento Indian Groceries is currently located.

The Indian grocery has also applied for a building permit, city officials said, and will move to another space within the same shopping center.

Dollar Tree also has a store at 3615 Northgate Boulevard, off San Juan Road.


  1. Hugh Janis says

    This is terrible

  2. Scott Lipton says

    Can someone tell me how a dollar tree fits with the economic profile of the Natomas and Regency Park communities?

  3. I agree. This is terrible. Is anyone up for starting a petition against this?

  4. stephanie says

    I hate that shopping center!! Ugh! And seriously you people think you are too good for the Dollar Tree? Give me a break! It’s way better to just keep Natomas retail space vacant?

  5. I don’t mind a Dollar type store. I don’t know of any woman who hasn’t shopped at one. Perfect for party supplies. They even have them in Roseville and Granite Bay, etc. I stopped going to the one across the freeway (too rough) and started using the one in Woodland. I just hope that they keep the place looking clean. Constant calls to management can take care of that.

  6. What a terrible idea! As if we don’t have enough loitering in that shopping center. This will only make it worse.

  7. Kate East says

    What a terrible idea! As if we don’t have enough people loitering in that shopping center. This will only make it worse.

  8. How about we get a store that doesn’t invite poverty into our neighborhood?

    • Piper Servetti says

      Really, I shop at the $ Tree stores for travel items, stocking stuffers for kids, pet toys….and am confused how you associate this with “inviting poverty” to the neighborhood. I already live here.

  9. Heidi Lovell Helman says

    Its just a Dollar Tree people, it’s not a methadone clinic. Loitering in that shopping center is due to so much space being vacant and no one being around. Getting a store in a vacancy there will attract traffic and curious eyes, that alone will probably cut down on loitering. Add to that a store manager who wants to protect their business and that shopping center will probably be better for it. No neighborhood should think they are “too good” for a Dollar Tree; there are a lot of families here who will appreciate being able to get inexpensive kids stuff and party supplies, teachers/homeschoolers excited at being able to get teaching supplies economically, and others who want/need to stretch their budget. They won’t have to travel to find another location, it will create jobs in the immediate area, provide a product that anyone can use and fill a vacancy that has been neglected for years. If you don’t like it, don’t shop there. Simple.

  10. Natomas Road Wear says

    I was telling my family when I first learned about the Dollar Tree being put in that the Natomas folks would object. I live in Natomas, I hate the fact that so many residents think that they are better than everybody else because they live in this area. Maybe if more people shopped at stores that provide low cost merchandise at a great price instead of trying to keep up with the Jones by going to Bel Air, Raileys or Safeway and paying 3 times more. Many of the snobs in Natomas would not have loss their homes in foreclosure. So all you people who complained about the Dollar Tree, don’t let me see you going there at Christmas and buying Christmas Gift bags for a buck… Go to your Hallmark store and buy the same bag for $ 4.99.
    Well i’m off now to the Dollar Tree to buy my light bulbs. Home Depot are almost 4 times the price.

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