3-Day Program Helps Natomas High School Break Down Walls

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Natomas High School this week hosted a three-day campus wide enrichment program called “Breaking Down the Walls.”

The program aims to create positive change in campus culture.

The program kicked off Monday, Jan. 14 with an all-school assembly in the gym during which the host “Scott” talked about his personal experiences and the need for students to show empathy towards other.

About 300 students and school staff took part in an intensive two-day workshop Jan. 15-16. Student leaders nominated by their teachers, coordinated activities and group discussions meant to help workshop participants learn more about each other.

“It was a new experience that enriched our high school experience and we got to feel a sense of belonging in our school and even our community,” Natomas High senior Guadalupe Romo said.

Students said “Breaking Down the Walls” helped them develop a sense of community and tackle personal issues like depression and feelings of alienation.

“I found it to be a very powerful experience and I think what I observed by the students was that I found them very moved,” said Christine Lanphere, French teacher and Mock Trial coach. I personally enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know students I wouldn’t have normally been able to in a classroom setting.”

For more information about Breaking Down the Walls, visit http://learningforliving.com/programs/breaking-down-the-walls/.

To learn more about Natomas High events, visit www.gonighthawks.com

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