Natomas Cares: Natomas Mothers’ Group Lends A Hand

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Each year the Natomas Mothers’ Group chooses a charitable organization to support throughout the year, and this year a  pressing financial need made the group’s choice clear.

Tubman House in Sacramento is a local organization that supports young parents ages 17-21 years by offering childcare and helping them complete job training, schooling, and learning necessary life skills such as budgeting. The goal: to be able live on their own and support their families.

News that Tubman House unexpectedly lost their primary funding coincided with the annual Natomas Mothers’ Group Halloween party – the main fundraising event for the year’s charity.

“We had many members donate food for our lasagna dinner, which was available for purchase at the event,” said Theresa Gallagher. “Katie Rozental, a member and local photographer, also donated her time and incredible skills to take pictures of the children at the pumpkin patch.”

Proceeds from the food and the pictures were collected for Tubman House and the group was able to make a $500 donation.
“This is the largest charitable contribution to date that we have made collectively as Natomas Mothers’ Group,” said Gallagher.

As successful as the fundraiser was, the mothers’ group also sought additional ways to give to Tubman House. A drive was organized to collect toys, books, diapers, and wipes for use in the Tubman childcare center. A book drive is planned for spring.

The support from Natomas Mothers’ Group has been well received by Tubman House, said Gallagher, where many of the young parents feel judged by the greater parenting community.

“I look forward to our continued support of Tubman House this year and other local charities in years to come,” said Gallagher. “It is perhaps one of the most important lessons we can teach our children and our little way of making a difference in our community.” 

For more information about the Natomas Mothers’ Group, check out their website here.

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