City Surveys Need For Bridge Between Downtown And Natomas

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Building a new bridge over the American River to connect downtown with south Natomas is the topic of a new survey.

The on-line, nonscientific survey is meant to get public feedback which will be used to help city officials decide whether a new bridge across the American River is needed that would accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorized vehicles.

“The construction of a new bridge connecting South Natomas to the central city would create a tangible and pivotal step forward in generating increased connectivity to downtown Sacramento,” said Jason Vitaich, executive director of the South Natomas Transportation Management Association. “Shorter commutes produce some of the highest levels of CO2 via automobile daily and this project is a tremendous means by which to offset these negative impacts.”

The survey will be available online through Dec. 14.

“Currently there are only two options that allow access across the American River for all modes of transportation year-round; Interstate 5 and State Route 160,” said Fedolia Harris, Senior Planner and Project Manager. “These limited connections create longer trips impacting air quality and discouraging walking and bicycling between the Central City and South Natomas.”

The American River Crossing Alternatives study will be used to develop recommendations for one or more crossings over the American River between the central city and south Natomas to meet city goals and policies outlined in the General Plan as well as other planning documents.

The North Natomas Transportation Management Association is providing input toward the study by participating on the advisory committee.

“We look forward to the final project as it will bring a multi-modal option connecting Natomas to the Central City,” said Becky Heieck, NNTMA executive director. “This effort’s final goal is to bring infrastructure that will reduce travel times, energy and emissions, as well as reduce undesired future congestion on Interstate 5.” 

Click here to take the survey. 


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