Natomas Cares: NP3 Club Raises Awareness For ‘Invisible Children’

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“You young people are the generation of justice,” said Okuli Wilfred, a Northern Ugandan resident once kidnapped by Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony in Africa.

For 26 years, Kony has kidnapped thousands of children in the Central African region to fight against the Ugandan government.

Several of these young people have been taken away from their parents and forced into battle in the harsh African jungles. With little food and shelter, children try to escape but are killed in the process.

Wilfred is one of the few children who escaped safely after his abduction.

“Joseph Kony should not have the power to ruin so many lives. Our liberty is bound together and we should not let borders get in the way of helping the people in need,” says Madeeha Dean, the Take Action Club president at Natomas Pacific Pathways High School in Natomas.

In memory of young lives lost to war in Africa, the club hosted “Invisible Children Week” in September.

Each day of the week included fundraisers and activities meant to help spread awareness and to raise money. Events included barbecues, bake sales and games held during lunch and before and after school.

By the end of the week, the club raised $375 which was presented to the Invisible Children organization.

On Sept. 21, NP3 High School was visited by three representatives from the Invisible Children organization, as well as Wilfred himself, who spoke to students about how they can help peacefully stop the war and free captured children.

Juniors and seniors participated in workshops which taught history of the war and ways to spread the word. Invisible Children’s goal is to raise awareness, stop Kony’s violence and supply resources to thousands of Africans.

During a schoolwide assembly, Wilfred showed the movie “Rescue,” made by the three teenage boys who founded Invisible Children. After watching the video, NP3 students wrote letters to California lawmakers.

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