City Officials Monitor Retention Pond

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Sacramento city officials continue to monitor a north-area retention pond after several fished showed up dead Friday.

City utilities spokesperson Jessica Hess said that Reclamation District 1000 this morning OKd turning on pumps that will allow water to flow from the basin, which is located off Truxel Road and Terracina Road. The pumps were turned on at 9 a.m. today, Oct. 28.
Area residents reported seeing several dead fish in the pond Friday, prompting city workers to aerate the it into the night Friday and all day Saturday. Hess said it is believed some fish died due to lack of oxygen caused when a pump, which drains water from the basin into canals operated by RD 1000, was turned off due to annual maintenance.

Once a year, the reclamation district uses herbicides to eliminate vegetation that can block canals. Until the herbicide dissipates, water from area retention basins is not released into the canal system.
Hess said the city “will continue to monitor (the pond), in case this doesn’t resolve the issue.”
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